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You have fled from death in another part of the galaxy. Due to overriding your warpdrive, it incinerated your cargo, and you are left stranded in an unknown sector. Despite your empty whereabouts, formulite generates in open space. Intrigued by your Escapoid, they approach your vessel.

Exposition aside, Forge Warpfuel is an experimental puzzle game that asks you to combine elements, accumulate new materials in an unusual way and forge warpfuel. It requires experimentation and waiting.

This is a submission for Ludum Dare 45, the theme being Start With Nothing.


Use [Left-Click] to move accumulated materials into designated machinery.

Use [Right-Click] to simultaneously deselect everything and put back held materials.

You also use [Left-Click] to <Activate> or <Deactivate> certain machinery.  Some machinery activates on its own, like the Generator.


The game closes at completion.


Forge Warpfuel (EXE) 8 MB
Forge Warpfuel (ZIP) 9 MB

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